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What makes good content for your Facebook Page?

Here we go guys, lets take a look at some of the key areas when considering what makes good content for your Facebook Page. I have come up with 6 key points to get you planning, thinking and strategizing. Lets dive in:-


Having a social media posting and content strategy in place is going to save you time and also give you a road map to follow and give you some consistency. To give you a run down on the basics for your strategy, first you need to consider your audience, who are they, what messages do I want to put across to my audience, what messages can I put across to grow my audience and what types of content and content type is relevant to my audience?

Your strategy should contain a mapped out plan of the categories of information you are going to put out to the social media world. These categories should include topics such as tips and hacks, our team, product and service promotion and so on. Once you have mapped out your categories you will then need to consider the content type (eg, video, static image, polls, live etc). We all know how important live and video is these days so this should be at the top of your list for content type. Lastly, your posting strategy which should cover how often you will be posting, on what days and what times. Consider optimal times your audiences are online.

These are the very basic fundamentals of strategy planning and is a good starting point for those who are not sure what they should be posting from day to day.

The 80/20 Rule

When it comes to content, the 80/20 rule should apply. 80% of posts should be non-sales and 20% sales. Always consider that your non-sales posts will warm up your audience particularly if you are adding value, the key is to build trust and not push sales down people's throats, although we all know sometimes we need to hustle for sales, we can also gain sales through trust building and providing value to our audience.

Facebook is all about meaningful interactions and as we all know, organic reach for our business pages has declined significantly - on average organic reach is 3-6% so we now need to be strategic to try and challenge the algorithm and get more reach to our posts. One way of doing this is to focus on meaningful interactions and post content that is engaging that encourages comments from our audience. In turn this will keep you in the good books with Facebook (ie the algorithm) and increase organic reach to your posts. So, to sum this up, one must focus on adding value, engaging content and avoid continuous pushy sales posts.

The Three E's

The three E's (I love sharing and talk about this)!! Facebook content should have a focus on the three E's - Engaging! Educational! Entertaining! As earlier mentioned, Facebook want positive user experience through meaningful interactions. By adopting a strategy around the three E's, this increases your chances of been placed higher in the feeds as we fight for space on the platform as well as increasing your chances of having your fans return to see more of what you have on offer. Take a look back at your last months posting, does your content align with the three E's? Are you engaging your audience and how? Are you asking them questions, running Polls and learning more about their needs? Are you providing value? Are you getting on video and being yourself, showing your human side and a bit of humour? How will you look at your content posting strategy for the future?

Content Flow

Do you find some pages just post random chains of information with no flow? When planning out your posting strategy we all need to consider flow in terms of topics in order to keep our audience engaged and interested. Often our audience like to see a follow through on a topic. I suggest choosing topics for the month and spending a few days on the same topic then flowing into the next, this will form part of your overall posting strategy.

Caption Writing

When communicating with your audience caption writing is vital to keep the reader interested and keen to read on. I suggest using a short punchy title and emojis, you can go as far as using a font changer for your title. You can use websites like lingo jam or ig fonts to change your heading fonts - it's lots of fun and will make you stand out from the crowd.

Your main content should contain micro-content and/or short punchy bullet points (again using emojis) and be clear. If you are writing a series of information, ensure to separate these into short paragraphs, there's nothing worse than reading content that is not sectioned out. Following your main content you should always add a call to action or an engaging sentence to encourage your fans to comment or click for more information.

If you are sharing a link or a blog link, always give a brief description of what is in the link and a trigger point to encourage your audience to click through. This could be a sense of urgency or a powerful statement that triggers an emotion encouraging curiosity to read on. Caption writing is such a wide topic but these are the basics to get your started.

Branding and Branded Content

Branding, as we all know, is one of the most important aspects of your business marketing. Not only does your brand make a memorable impression on your audience but it allows potential clients to know what to expect from your business. Your brand sets you apart from your competitors, by branding yourself well, your prospects will see you as the sole provider of a solution to their problem.

So when it comes to branding and social media, take a look from an outsiders perspective as to how you think your fans and potential clients are seeing you? Are you using branded posts that are consistent? Are you using your brand colours in graphical work including your logo and are you consistent with graphical design? Does your brand reflect the values that you want to represent to your audience?

Another area to look at in terms of branding is your page set up on all social platforms, website and other marketing platforms. Is there consistency? Are your pages fully set up and optimized to show a level of professionalism, not only to your fans but also to Facebook for algorithm purposes? Are your logos on all platforms the same or aligned so you are easily recognised? Take some time to look at your overall brand and ask yourself these questions and how you look against your competitors.

Did you enjoy these tips? What will you change in the up and coming months to move yourself forward in the social media world? I hope this has given you all a bit of food for thought. See you all back here again soon! Feel free to message me with any questions.


Quantum Social

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