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How to Increase Your Engagement in 2020!!

Let's dive in and talk about some ways to increase your social media engagement in 2020. I hear so many people complain about the lack of engagement on their social media posts. Literally people are pulling their hair out with frustration so I hope I can give you some confidence with this blog to move you forward with your 2020 strategy to increase your engagement. So let's start looking at what we can do to eliminate that frustration and get you leveling up in 2020 to increase your engagement.

So here is a breakdown of what I deem as the most important areas to focus on to get your reach up and more engagement.

1. Join Groups and Create Your Own Group/s Join groups and engage regularly, daily if you can, with meaningful comments that are social. Try not to get in groups and breathe down peoples necks with your sales pitches, this does not work, trust is a must. Make new connections (including adding these potentials as friends) and drive these people to your business page and from here, you can start to build trust. I even go as far as messaging new contacts and form relationships - eg, "Hi Sandy, thank you for accepting my friend request, it's great to have a new connection on the same wave, I look forward to seeing more of your posts". Note, we have an engagement group you are all welcome to join to increase reach and engagement to your posts. Here's the link

Secondly, create your own group, this is the perfect way to build trust with groupies and eventually monetize the group. Promote your group regularly on your pages to encourage new memberships. You can set your Facebook button to "join group" as a call to action also or pin the information to the top of your page along with other relevant introductory information about you and your business. No-one will find you if you just create a group and hope miracles will happen, you have to market this group also. Finally, groups are gaining more organic reach and Facebook are really favoring groups, so now's the time to get a group started.

2. Post Consistency Post daily if you can at optimal times, check when your fans are online through insights. By posting regularly, the algorithm will pick this up and you will be placed higher in the feeds. As well as this, your fans will get excited to see what you have coming up next. Showing up is the key.

3. Video and Lives A must do for 2020!! Warm your audience up before a live by posting when you will be live the day before. When posting video, keep pre-recorded videos short, under 2 minutes if you can and at the most, 5 minutes. Be yourself and don't be afraid!! Video gets far more views than static images and lives even more so this is a must do guys.

4. Strong Visuals and Branding Use your branding colours and logos in graphics where possible to keep the seeds planted. Use canva to create professional graphics (I offer training in this area if you need it). Your fans will recognise your posts instantly if they are consistently branded and will stop to read otherwise you risk the scroll-by. You can use free stock from time to time on websites like or

5. Content Strategy Post a variety of content and make sure your content is targeted to your audience. Content must be interesting and encourage engagement through a call to action - ask questions as often as you can! Content strategy is a must so you are not left scratching your head daily wondering what you should be posting and rushing content. Quality over quantity is the key.

6. Stories Another must do strategy for 2020, look back on some of my story hacks for some inspiration on my Facebook page.

7. Comments (is the secret sauce)

Responding to comments is a must do! You must reply to ALL comments even if they are just 'tags'. When responding to comments on your posts, do so in a timely manner, within the hour if possible so the algorithm can pick this up in turn pushing your post out further to your fans. Comments should be meaningful and encourage engagement (again, asking more questions). Always respond with a five plus word reply and use emojis for tone and clarity (plus, they're fun).

8. Giveaways

Are you running regular giveaways? This is another great way to gain new followers and increase engagement. I suggest running one once a month. There is a blog post I have created on how to run a successful giveaway so go and check it out for my top tips.

These strategies should get you going for now. There is so much more to social media than we realise but this is a good start for those of you who are struggling.

For those of you who want to work with me this year around strategy and Facebook training, reach out so I can customize the perfect training for you and have you smoking the competition in no time. I offer a free 30-minute consultation so we can discuss your marketing needs and where you may need support, feel free to contact me for a no-obligation chat.

I hope you all enjoyed these tips to help increase your engagement.


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