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Your Social Media & business marketing Consultant
Hey everyone and welcome.  Just to give you an insight of who I am, my background is 12 years corporate administration in Government and Local Government but whilst in the "Rat Race"  I always knew that exchanging time for money was not going to get me far (plus I was bored and my passion was not sitting in the office all day and attending dead end meetings), I wanted to challenge myself, get more creative with my work and skill and really get outside of my comfort zone.  I always had some kind of side hustle so leaving my day job was inevitable, and eventually, with some risk involved, I finally left the rat race for good in 2006 and have never looked back. High-five! 
So over the last 12 years I've set up and operated a number of small businesses, some have failed and some have been successful but overall, these businesses have been fun and satisfying and have allowed me to have a flexible lifestyle and freedom to run things the way I want to.  And so the real question is, what is my why?  My 'why' and deep motivation lies in the ability to be creative with my work and my passion to make an impact on other people's lives through something I love doing.    
So here I am now, full noise into the social media and marketing game, helping others to move their businesses forward using digital and non-digital marketing systems (which I totally love!), this is my calling and passion.  I am super excited to help you take your business to the next level and connect you with the social universe.  Welcome to the journey.  
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